Couples Counseling

Couples therapy provides the opportunity to meet and discuss issues such as communication difficulties, lack of intimacy, infidelity, anger, parenting struggles, and pre-marital counseling. We aim to bring understanding, fulfillment and richness to relationships by teaching our clients helpful tools such as:

  • communicating in ways that bring closeness
  • resolving conflict in a manner that promotes growth
  • stating needs clearly without fear, resentment or anger
  • constructive resolution of past issues
  • identification of emotional triggers
  • collaboration in solving problems


Child and Youth Mental Health Assessments:

A mental health assessment explores temperament/personality, social-emotional and mental health functioning. Mental health assessments identify risk factors and check for anxiety, depression, ADHD, behaviour and trauma disorders, and help to differentiate mental from physical health issues.

Attention is paid to the child's presentation, mood, behaviour, interpersonal functioning, thinking and physical functioning.

Your child may need a mental health assessment if you see the following signs:

  • afraid to try new things
  • excessive worrying
  • irritability, hypersensitivity
  • trouble sleeping
  • sad and withdrawn
  • rituals that have to be done in a certain way
  • difficulty managing anger


Adult Mental Health Assessments

Adult Mental Health Assessments identify and clarify concerns around anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse/violence, grief, stress, aging, relationships, and persistent or severe mental illness. You may need an assessment if you see the following signs:

  • sleep problems
  • increased anxiety, sometimes with panic attacks
  • tired and lacking energy
  • social isolation
  • feeling there is no point to life
  • mood swings
  • overwhelmed
  • irritability and hypersensitivity


Individual & Family Treatment

Treatment involves forming respectful and active relationships with children and their families to move from a place of distress to a place of better understanding and peace. We believe in identifying strengths to help restore confidence and to promote positive changes in mood.

We help increase resilience against distress by building skills such as reconstruction of thought processes, changing behaviour and communication patterns, emotional regulation and collaborative problem solving. We believe that therapy can be energizing, creative and playful.


Proactive Therapy

Through a collaborative relationship with their therapist, clients and families are encouraged to be aware of mental health issues and to become equipped to achieve balance and emotional wellness in life. We believe good mental health is critical for children, youth and adults. Our goal is to protect against mental health vulnerabilities and life's struggles through:

  • learning resilience skills to protect against distress
  • facilitating a co-parenting relationship to help children cope and transition through a parent separation
  • learning techniques to manage stress
  • learning the signs of mental health illness
  • learning how to listen and communicate effectively
  • learning how to be mindful of personal values and beliefs